Explore Zurich In 24 Hours
Explore Zurich In 24 Hours

Travel Guides: Explore Zurich In 24 Hours

Do you know what city in Switzerland is the largest one by the number of inhabitants? This beautiful city for several years occupies one of the TOP lines in the list of the most livable cities. So? Any ideas?

If you think of Zurich – you are absolutely right!

Beautiful, clean, comfortable, interesting – Zurich is the heart of banking life of the country, but at the same time it has incredible amount of art galleries, as well as one of the best universities in Europe.

Zurich has only one minus – high prices! But with our guide you will relax inexpensively!

One day is enough to get a glimpse of the city, especially if you are traveling by car. When coming to Zurich a lot of people try to rent a car. The quickest and the cheapest way to do it is to use one of online services.

If you do not go to museums, it is quite possible to have time to explore the main places. Let’s start our tour!


Paradeplatz is located in the middle of Bahnhofstrasse. Here you should stop and go to a cafe Sprngli – legendary pastry shop. There you can enjoy Luxemburgerli – famous pastries.

Delicate, like meringue with cream filling and different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, champagne, walnut, amaretto, chestnut, coffee, strawberry, lemon and others. A real paradise for sweet tooth!

From Paradeplatz turn left and go to the tower of St. Peter Kirche.

St. Peter Kirche

This church is known for the largest size of the clock tower, the diameter of the dial is 8.7 meters, and minute hand is almost 4 meters long. Can you imagine that size? Wow!

The tower served as a signal tower: a fire duty man started to sound the alarm, posting a flag from the side of the fire, so that people could find their way. St. Peter Kirche was the first reformist church in Zurich.


Passing by St. Peter Kirche up to the hill, you will find yourself at the Lindenhof – “Lime Court”. This is the heart of Zurich, from which grew the city.
Many years ago a Roman castle was located here, but later it turned into the Carolingian palace Kaiserpfalz.

In 1747 during archaeological excavations a Roman tombstone, dated to the second century, was found here. The first mention of Zurich – Turicum, the Roman version of the name of the city: STA [tio] TURIC [ensis], was written on the stove.

A great panoramic views of the entire city will capture you from the first second! This is a real must see place in Zurich.

The Roman Baths

Go down from the Lindenhof, and pass St. Peter’s Church. Perpendicularly to the high walls of the church is located a narrow street with steps. Go downstairs and you will see a viewing platform, where you can contemplate the remains of Roman baths. This is your chance to dive into the history!


Going downward you will find yourself on the embankment near another landmark cathedral – Fraumünster. Once it was a convent for aristocratic ladies, the abbess of the monastery possessed considerable power in the city, and even had the privilege of printing money.

Now the cathedral is famous primarily for stunning stained glass works of Marc Chagall. Better come in the morning, when the sun shines directly into the windows of the building. Time for magic!


Crossing the bridge you will see the Rathausbrücke town hall (Rathaus), made in the style of the late Renaissance, its facade goes to the Limmatquai on the right bank of the Limmat River.

Building was constructed in the second half of the 17th century. Do you think it’s too old to be active today? No!  The cantonal council is still taking place there. The Town Hall is open for visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 11:30 am.

Lenin’s house

Lenin rented an apartment at 14 Speigelgasse, and now you can see a sign with his name on the house.

The house overlooks the peaceful green courtyard. However, Lenin’s wife was not happy with the place, cursing at the noisy neighbors and a dull appearance. Oh, women!

Marktgasse and colonial goods shop

Go back to Speigelgasse, and walk along Marktgasse toward the station (from the lake). On the left you will see a colonial goods store that sells coffee, spices and other exotic products for several centuries.

Previously, it housed the post office, which had to expand outside so that post horses could turn around in the narrow streets of the old town. Just stand here for a while and imagine gorgeous horses walking along the street. Sounds unreal, isn’t it?

On the other side of the street find a cafe that serves the best hot chocolate in Zurich. Isn’t this the best place to finish your long but extremely amazing day in Zurich?

We wish you unforgettable emotions and lots of amazing photos! Zurich really has something special to show you! Visit this city once and you will come back here again and again!